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What is Fish Finder?

March 30th, 2016

Long ago in our archaic past, humankind learned to fish.  For centuries after that, this ability was continued and refined as a means of survival.  But soon people discovered the pleasure of leisurely fishing.  They turned it into a hobby.  But as happens with most hobbies, the competitive nature of man came out and they turned it into a sport.

In order to have a competitive edge when fishing, or even just to perfect your hobby you need the right equipment.  All professionals know the necessities; rod, line, reel, hook, bait.  But in our new age, fishing has developed alongside everything else.  Technology has become instrumental to good fishing.  And one of the key tools you need is the best depth finder you can lay your hands on.



With so many versions and brands on the market, it is nearly impossible to choose the best one without a lot of trial and error.  But if you are like most people, you do not have time nor money for that.  I want to introduce you to the Humminbird HELIX 5 DI fish finder (409620-1).

Tools To Go Fishing (Part I)

November 30th, 2015

A fishing boat at sea is a floating island, isolated from the rest of the world by a stretch of ocean. Sometimes it’s just a mile or two of calm bay; other times the ocean is wide, and anything but calm. Either way, once a boat takes its departure from land and leaves behind the safety and protection of the shore, you’re on your own.

In the modern day of radio and satellite phones, a real emergency will theoretically bring a helicopter clattering to the rescue. But that doesn’t cover a simple mechanical failure. If machinery breaks down at sea, your comfort, convenience, profit, and safety are much diminished, since no helicopter is likely to make an appearance carrying spare parts or tools just so you can get back to fishing.

Fishermen usually brings quite enough necessary  fishing tools for their enjoyable fishing time such as line, hooks, floaters, best fish finders, rods, fat heads, e.t.c. However; they do not pay their attention  to repairing tools when catching fish far at sea.

They always have  their Hummingbird fishfinder in their bags but forget to bring wrenches or even screwdriver.


Making repairs at sea requires three things. You need someone on board with the knowledge and ability to do the work. They need parts and materials for the repair, and tools to carry out the repair.

No matter what size boat you are on, I’ve worked up a basic list of tools you should have aboard. Some of them might not be appropriate for smaller boats, but they all need to be considered.

Your Dreams of Catching Big Fish are Valid

June 24th, 2016

Have you ever dreamed of catching that huge fish that is even bigger than you?

Well, this is a dream of many anglers. Some anglers are moved by the thrill of a spirited fight from the big fish while others just want to get the bragging rights of having caught a big fish. The bigger is usually better for many anglers.

Catch Big Fish

Catch Big Fish

Sometimes the adventure of fishing big fish will require you to travel because particular species of big fish are found in specific locations. For instance, the white sturgeon is usually is usually found in North America especially in the Pacific Northwest and Bay Area. The black marlin are found in the waters along the northeast coast of Australia and along the coast of Peru among other regions. They are considered as the toughest fighters in the sea and also the most entertaining. Blue Marlin are usually found along the coast of Florida. These fish species are best known for their great jumps and speed when they are fighting. These are just some few types of big fish and where they can be found.

6 Helpful Tip to Capture Big Fish

May 20th, 2016

Anyone can learn how to capture big and beautiful fish by following some helpful tips and techniques. Possibly you have never caught an actually big fish and you are surprising why. First of all, you do not have to invest a lot of money or take a trip to exotic sites to caught big fish.



Almost any lake or pond that has adequate water and adequate depth to support fishing during both hot and cold months will hold a superior amount of big fish. You can still capture big fish from seashore if you identify how to locate the correct spot. Lots of people love to capture large Bass, Trout, Walleyes, Salmon and Pike from the seashore. Here is the fundamental outline for achievement. Keep in mind the following helpful tips while going for fishing.

Biggest Catch

April 18th, 2016

A fisherman has two favorite stories; the biggest catch and the one that got away.  Now, while the biggest catch is an ever-increasing story about how big the fish he caught last week was, the one that got away is a little closer to heart.  This story is about how the fisherman found a fish, most likely the biggest one of his life, and how he, in the end, lost it.  While these events do make for good stories, do you really want to have ‘one that got away’?



But how do you avoid this?  When a fish breaks loose of the hook, or when you can just feel that something big is around what can you do about it?  Well, this is where you need a fish finder.  And not just any fish finder; the best fish finder.  Now while a fish finder may sound like someone you pay to jump in the water and see if there is fish, it is actually very advanced technology. 

Some Suggestion When Go Fishing with Kids

February 23rd, 2016

Dad get the net, I got a big one on! Those terms will keep in a dad and son/daughters thoughts for a life-time they certainly have help form the individual who I am nowadays. I started sportfishing when I was a very kid with my dad and it has become a interest and a way of lifestyle for me. It has trained me to be individual, diligent, creative, ecologically moral sense, and well-mannered.


Fishing has loaded my thoughts with remembrances that I will treasure my whole lifestyle. I was lately sportfishing with my 71-year-old dad and I got to appreciate him pulling in a 10-pound plus steelhead. Even at 71 and after a life-time of capturing seafood the enjoyment of pulling in a huge seafood can convert a man into a kid again. The energy of sportfishing is fascinating and the information one can obtain from sportfishing is limitless.

Taking a kid sportfishing can modify a child’s lifestyle and modify a dad’s lifestyle in the procedure. The grin I get from my son when he is pulling in a seafood is amazing to say the least, but there are several methods to create sure that those sportfishing times are loaded with fun and not disappointment and dullness. Fishing can be a challenging game, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to go after the greatest seafood in the sea when getting a kid sportfishing. Kids are just as satisfied really in a ton of bluegills as they are pulling in a beast seafood. There are several methods you can create you dad son/daughter a effective sportfishing journey.


 First, strategy your journey then re-plan your journey. You should have everything you need to go sportfishing with a kid. Keep in thoughts your getting a kid sportfishing not you and a number of good friend’s going for the day. You will need meals, beverages, sportfishing equipment, lure, of course cannot help mentioning fishfinders – the best fishfinder on the market 2016 and a strategy B. A strategy B can be as easy as an vacant builder jar with a lid, sportfishing isn’t always quick and enraged and an vacant jar creates an outstanding bug enthusiast and will allow you to discover the outside with your kid. Also take the chance when capturing seafood to launch a seafood.

A seafood launched is a seafood to be captured another day. However kids really like to keep seafood and eat there capture. Don’t experience you have to launch every seafood, there are several seafood that are outstanding in the griddle such as crappie, bluegill, fish, and walleye and your kid will be complete of enjoyment when he or she gets to demonstrate off there capture.

 Second, you will need to know where and what to seafood for. Bluegills are an outstanding option and can be discovered anywhere. Bluegills always connect with some kind of framework in the water whether it is fresh mushrooms, timber, stumps, or docks. If you don’t have a vessel, a connect is your option to capture bluegill, but don’t be in a rush to leap on the docking station and go sportfishing. Use the coast and throw beside the docking station with a bobber/worm and put the connect down only a number of legs. This will keep your lure at the front side of the seafood that are straight below the docking station. If you have a vessel, you will discover panfish around marijuana collections, fallen plants, and tree stump areas. If you have a vessel and a top fishfinder mounted in your boat, it’s easy to find many fish without  finding where fish located .